Monday, January 11, 2010

XXX Indian Blue Movies...

hahaha!  i'm just kidding!

my videos have finally been uploaded to YouTube, and i'm loving it!  they've already reached the 76th most-watched videos in India, in just one day!

please don't forget to watch all four of them, and don't forget to rate them too!  every rating counts, but you need to be logged on to do so... (you can log into YouTube with your user-name, or just register for free in a  minute.)

the videos have been uploaded in HD Format (High Definition Format), but that will work only if you click the "HD" button on the video player control bar.  hope you enjoy it!

this link will take you to my Channel, where you can see all my videos.

the following links go directly to the respective videos:

          Mr.Chennai 2009
          University Challenge
          Off-season fun video!

have fun, and don't forget to recommend them to your friends too...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

i simply love being on the beach.

as always, the decision to have a welcome the New Year's at Pondicherry was a last-minute thing!

we sure did have a great time!  needless to say, we spent more time on the beach than out of it, and i've got myself seriously sunburned from spending way too much time alternating between the ocean's salty water and Pondicherry's hot sun...

i'd like to thank my brother for the numerous pictures we shot there.  as you can see, i love posing for the camera.  call me conceited, but hey, i have a body that most people would die for!  and this body didn't exactly happen on it's own... i've put in a lot of effort to get this way - i'll be damned if i don't show-off when i can!

enough of words.  i believe pictures speak a thousand words.  click here to see the web album.

Happy New Year, people!