Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

i simply love being on the beach.

as always, the decision to have a welcome the New Year's at Pondicherry was a last-minute thing!

we sure did have a great time!  needless to say, we spent more time on the beach than out of it, and i've got myself seriously sunburned from spending way too much time alternating between the ocean's salty water and Pondicherry's hot sun...

i'd like to thank my brother for the numerous pictures we shot there.  as you can see, i love posing for the camera.  call me conceited, but hey, i have a body that most people would die for!  and this body didn't exactly happen on it's own... i've put in a lot of effort to get this way - i'll be damned if i don't show-off when i can!

enough of words.  i believe pictures speak a thousand words.  click here to see the web album.

Happy New Year, people!





  1. Nice Site, but maybe you can share your workout routines, diet plans...

    Cheers from Dubai.

  2. Vinoth,
    Its not just the fun time. I wish to know your hard times, your seriousness to body worship and your dedications. Things that you learnt from your experience and things that you wish to tell from your heart.

    Shabdh Cheda (G4M)

  3. Nice photo shoot.Itz so natural and beautiful.
    some body building shots are so artificial.
    Like to see your more natural shots like this in this new year.
    keep it up.

  4. Hi Vinod ,
    Your are exemplification of what can be achieved thro' hard work ! I had look into pics that u uploaded I was amazed and it was heartning to see the bond that u and ur friends share ! It's really nice to be with good friends circle to share good and tough times ! I'm sure ur friends would have stoodby ur side when u need them .. I wish ur bonds continues !!!!
    I appreciate ur English language . Ur friend (ur bro' as u call) too have command over English!

  5. Hi anna dis Sense and i am an Advocate...Anna ur awesome..... i like muscle-men very much...accidently i saw ur pic in net... ur body maintanance is really very gut anna...keep it up...Wish u all the best for ur bright future...


  6. I love ur body....I finger my pussy seeing ur pictures. Sometimes i feel like meeting u and just get FUCKED by u! u r cock is my only source of pleasure

  7. Ur body is super. I just cant control. I want to touch it. Want to see ur tool.

  8. What happened Vinoth? You haven't updated your blog for nearly a year now! No longer into bodybuilding?!