Friday, December 25, 2009

ChristMasti! X-mas fun in Mahabalipuram...

my brother took us to a beach-facing hotel in Mahabalipuram to celebrate Christmas.

we hit the bottle at 11AM, and only stopped at 7PM!  man, we had a great time!  as always, we ended up on the beach, and in the water... we had so much fun, we never felt time go by...

as many of you know, the last few years were very trying for me and my family.  however, after a long time, i'm having a good time.

instead of a Santa suit, my brother wore a Superman outfit... maybe he really is a Superman, cause he actually lifted me on his shoulders!  and don't forget, i'm over 105 kilograms in just body-weight...

we were joined by 2 of my brother's colleagues, and they were a lot of fun too.  check out the photos, and you'll see what i mean!

peace on Earth, and goodwill to men... Merry Christmas, everybody!


  1. Great to see you enjoying good time in your buddies.
    I hope you come out of your family problems soon and have a splendid life, ever after.

    Shabdh Cheda.

  2. your outfit is not suitable.
    It could be a great shoot if u have used something more revealing your great body.
    Like that what you are wearing in your new year post.

  3. hi Vinoth, thanks for all the very beautiful photographs! You're a wonderful guy with lots of lovely friends, i'm sure! Keep posting your pics, it's a pleasure to see you. Also hope those family problems have been sorted out.
    Love & HUGS
    Lloyd, from Bangalore