Friday, December 4, 2009

Pictures Speak A Thosand Words...

i've always found the concept of "online albums" very tedious and impersonal.

but now that i've finally figured out how to upload my own pictures to the Internet, i'm unable to find fault with it!  uploading the pictures to Picasa web-albums was a breeze, and it even retained the picture quality too.  the pictures are even geo-tagged, so you can see where i was when the picture was shot.  that's more, it automatically recognized faces and did the name-tagging en-mass... that's pretty amazing!

two popular misconceptions that people have are 1) bodybuilders are always in ripped physical appearance, and 2) gym-rats, like us, have no life outside our heavy work-out schedules!

contrary to what you may have heard, bodybuilders have the "ripped look" only during the competitive season, which is usually twice or thrice a year.  seasoned bodybuilders do maintain a semi-ripped look through the year, but that comes with age(if they look so great off-season, imagine how awesome they'll look when they're competing...)  i'm only 21 years of age, and haven't been bodybuilding for long... during the off-season, i retain water like a blue-whale, and get that chubby appearance that makes me so adorable! 

we bodybuilders also know how to have fun... we're not always stuck in the gym, though we'd like everyone to think we do!  during the off-season, i have a great time with my family and friends.  i'm surrounded by people who love me, and life is just great...

my first album has a ton of pictures of myself during the off-season.  click here to view it.

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