Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unbelieveable... I won again! Silver Medal in the University Championship!!

as conceited as it may sound, it suddenly feels like i've always been winning these competitions!  my second competition, and i bagged Silver, again in the heaviest weight category...

click here for the pix...

looks like the winds are suddenly favorable for me.  i'm glad i decided to get back into serious competitive bodybuilding.  these two competitions have been a true trial by fire for my mind, more than my body.  the toughest challenge is yet to come.

tomorrow will be the toughest competition ever.  the Muscle Maker's gym is organizing a Chennai Vs. Kancheepuram bodybuilding championship that sees hundreds of participants annually.  in association with Atelier's Fitness, they are a serious crows-puller... it seems actor Sarath Kumar will be at the venue too!

all-in-all, i'm really happy about my 2 consecutive wins.  it suddenly doesn't matter if i don't get a medal or a trophy tomorrow.  i just want to kick back and get some much needed rest and rejuvenation!

for now, that still remains a far away dream... i've forgotten what fresh cool drinking water tastes like, and i yearn for a decent serving of rice and meat!

wish me luck.  i'll need every bit i can get.