Sunday, December 6, 2009

WINNER!!! Mr Chennai 2009 - Bronze Medalist!

i won!  i won!!  i won!!!

my first competition in years, and i won the Bronze Medal in the heaviest weight category (90+ kilograms).

with almost 100% of my body-water drained, just standing up was an impossible task.  despite the poor tanning job, i still stood apart in the crowd, and many people came over to appreciate my physique.

my trainers, Dinesh & Rajesh, were not very impressed... just like the stereotypical coach!  they believe i could have done better.  for that matter, even i know i can do so much more.

but, hey!  it is my first competition, and i'm so glad i won.

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Left > Right : Dinesh, Karthik, Me & Rajesh 
Dinesh and Rajesh are my Coaches, and the owners of Jungle Gym in Madipakkam.