Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to my world.

i sincerely believe bodybuilding is for everyone.  many people confuse bodybuilding with competitions and steroid-abuse.  that's not true.  anyone can participate in any sport, without needing to make a professional commitment.  haven't you ever enjoyed a great game of cricket or football?

true bodybuilding is all about realizing that the greatest instrument you could ever have is already with you: your own God-given body.  the vast majority of people look down and are ashamed by what they see.  don't be.  it's yours, and you have the right to use it anyway you find pleasurable or useful.  a bodybuilder's vision of himself is exactly that: the aim to have the most massive, most spectacular, most ripped and most defined structure.

bodybuilding is a triumph over our so-called "natural limits".  who defined these ridiculous limitations?  i know i don't conform to them.  i know my body is capable of so much more, just as i am.

Rule No.1 of bodybuilding: No Pain = No Gain.

the best things in life are rarely free!  dump those stupid gadgets that claim to do wonders for you... your body is your temple.  it deserves to be taken of.  it deserves nothing but the best.  it deserves worship.

in the days to come, i'll show you the incredible things my body is capable of... your body is capable of.  after years of personal turmoil and great trials in my private life, i'm now confident of putting it all behind me.  i will be competing this month, and aggressively too.

i promise you i will win.  i will be champion.